Tom Brady massage parlor, quarterback appeared in a new Netflix show.

When the Netflix sci-fi dramedy introduces Paul Rudd’s character, he quickly realizes he has something in common with the New England Patriot.

When Timothy Greenberg was writing the script for what would become Living With Yourself, he included Tom Brady as a visitor to the Top Happy Spa that plays a central role in the Netflix dramedy.

“I wrote it many years ago and then we asked him to do it,” Greenberg, who started writing Living With Yourself more than four years ago, tells The Hollywood Reporter of the surprise cameo. “He was in the middle of his football season, so we had to wait for an actual answer — and then of course it extended because he won the Super Bowl so it was an extra six weeks of waiting. But he eventually said yes! Why? I guess he wanted to do something with Paul Rudd. I have no idea. I can’t imagine what motivates a God like Tom Brady.”

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In the premiere of the sci-fi series, Rudd’s starring character Miles visits the Top Happy Spa after a coworker tells him that the people inside can change his life. As the procedure is vaguely explained, the treatment can reconfigure Miles’ DNA and turn him into a better version of himself — a more energized Miles 2.0 to be present in the marriage he takes for granted and to take on the job he skates through. Overall, he is promised a better Miles to walk through the world.

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With the pitch sounding too good to be true, skepticism takes over when Miles arrives at the nondescript strip-mall spa. That’s when a new and improved Tom Brady walks out of the door, quickly eliminating any of Miles’ concerns.

“First time?” Brady, playing a fictional version of himself, asks Miles outside the Top Happy Spa.

“Uh huh,” Miles replies. “You?”

“Six,” answers the reinvigorated New England Patriots star.

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As the episode continues to unfold, viewers realize that Brady’s six visits means he has given himself the theoretical head-to-toe makeover six times (the number of his Super Bowl titles), leaving the prior and lesser versions of himself dead and buried in the nearby woods. The Brady run-in prompts Miles to go through with the procedure, but he is accidentally cloned and still left alive. Instead of Miles being buried with the others, there are now two versions walking around — Old Miles and New Miles — and Living With Yourself follows the duo as they figure out how to coexist.


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