Stealth B-2 Pacific, 200 Airmen to Pearl Harbor.

Three B-2 stealth bombers and 200 airmen from the continental United States have landed at a base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to participate in a 24-hour patrol of air space in the Indo-Pacific, the US Department of Defenсe said in a press release.

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“Deploying to Hawaii enables us to showcase to a large American and international audience that the B-2 is on watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week ready to protect our country and its allies,” 393 Bomb Squadron Operation Director, Lt. Col. Joshua Dorr said in the release on Friday.

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The Defenсe Department noted that the arrival of the three stealth bombers and 200 airmen marks the second posting in Hawaii of the B-2, the first time being August 2018.

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Bomber aircraft regularly rotate through the Indo-Pacific region to integrate capabilities with key regional partners and maintain aircrew proficiency, according to the release.


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