French fighter jet missing from radar screens on Wednesday.

A French Mirage 2000D fighter jet disappeared from radar screens on Wednesday as it was flying over the Jura Mountains near the Swiss border in eastern France, the Jura Gendarmerie has confirmed.

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“As part of the contingency plan, the gendarmeries of Jura and those of Doubs are currently conducting active research to locate the two pilots,” the Jura Gendarmerie announced on its Facebook page, launching a call for witnesses and asking “anyone who has information about the eventual crash site or about the two pilots to contact the gendarmerie.”

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Citing regional authorities, France 3 television reported that the jet went missing around 12 noon local time while it was flying over the Jura Mountains.

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It was not clear if the Mirage 2000D, with two pilots on board, had crashed. Operation is underway to locate the missing jet, according to France 3 television.


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