Jimmy Kimmel shutdown, Jimmy Kimmel put a federal employee to work .

Hey, Mr. Tambourine man — play a song for your paycheck. Jimmy Kimmel put a federal employee to work on Day 17 of Donald Trump’s government shutdown.

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On Monday, Victorville Federal Correctional Complex prison guard and local union leader John Kostelnik joined the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” house band. He got a tambourine — and a warning about how much the group enjoys improvisational jamming from a VERY amateur musician.

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“Nearly 800,000 federal employees are working without pay,” Kimmel’s YouTube-page description reads. “So we are putting a federal employee to work every night until the shutdown ends.”

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When put on the spot by Kimmel, Kostelnik said he “absolutely” objects to being a “pawn” in Trump’s border wall games.


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